Angels and Eggnog


CHRISTMAS IS JUST around the corner…again, and Gwen Woodson still has Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge. But the impending holidays isn’t the worst of her problems. At forty-six, Gwen has a decision to make. Barry is a really great guy, everyone says so. And Gwen’s best friend, Pattie, is sure that Barry is the perfect man for her. But when her Aunt Hilda has a stroke, Gwen drops everything and zooms up to Snow Lake to take care of her. Soon after arriving, Gwen bumps into Dino Rentz. Dino was retired from the army special forces and moved to Snow Lake a few years ago, hoping for some peace and quiet. He buys a house, gets a dog, and joins the local Search and Rescue, easily passing for just a normal person. But Dino has a secret. His secret certainly isn’t his delightful way with women, something Gwen finds out on her first day there. And when Dino tries to apologize . . . let’s just say things really start to heat up.

Honor Novel – Read and pay if you liked it.

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